Victoria Avenue Children's Centre's
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Victoria Avenue Children's Centre

From birth to five, Victoria Avenue Children’s Centre provides a home away from home for your child, providing a place for all children to grow and develop. Early Years Learning is an essential element of the learning journey and the Victoria Avenue centre reflects that with an inclusive environment and a curriculum that encourages a love of education that will last a lifetime. The centre provides a visual collaborative programme with active contributions from children, families and staff a vital component. The well designed curriculum takes its guidelines from established demagoguery and then extends on this by drawing inspiration from the children’s own interests. Community and family events contribute to planned excursions and staff enjoy initiating fun projects and creating unique learning opportunities that the children will cherish. Nutrition is an important part of a child’s day, helping them to concentrate, be active and have a positive outlook. Victoria Avenues’ menu is based on Australian Government Guidelines and the Munch and Move initiative, offering a wide variety of nutritional and appetising meals that suit all dietary requirements. Menus follow a four week cycle and are reviewed every six months. Victoria Avenue takes sustainability seriously and children are taught how to put environmentally friendly practices into their daily routine. Vegetable gardens, worm farms, recycling and composting stations are part of the centre, allowing children to develop an intimate knowledge of food production. The centre also participates in important dates such as Earth Day and Clean Up Australia to promote the children’s future roles as responsible citizens. The centre provides a Transition to School programme which helps the children develop the skills to make a stress free step into primary school. Prospective parents can take a virtual tours from our website to get a glimpse of the high quality facilities and programmes on offer. Victoria Avenue is part of the City of Canada Bays’ commitment to fostering a family friendly city with child and family services that cater for the whole community and nurture a sense of inclusivity. The City of Canada Bay also offers a school holiday programme for older children.

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Montessori Manor's
Long Day Care
Montessori Manor

Montessori Manor is an early learning centre located in the suburb of Para Hills in Adelaide, South Australia. The preschool offers centre-based long daycare for a maximum of 60 children at a time, beginning from three years of age. At Montessori Manor we have been providing a pure, quality driven Montessori Curricullum for over thirty years. Our commited,enthusiastic staff ensure a holistic, caring environment for your child. As of June 2017, our centre holds an overall National Quality Standards rating of ‘Exceeding NQS’ along with ‘Exceeding NQS’ ratings in all seven quality areas. These ratings indicate incredibly high standards across all aspects of our teaching. Our daily fee includes morning and afternoon tea. The Montessori Method views children as curious, capable individuals with an innate desire to learn, express themselves creatively, and explore the world around them. As a result of individual teaching, and children learning at their own pace in a peaceful non-competitive environment, a desire to learn is developed and concentration enhanced. Independence underpins everything we do at Montessori Manor. We move away from traditional methods of education—which emphasise sameness—and instead focus on each child’s uniqueness and individuality. We encourage social development, build confidence, and inspire curiosity in every child. We also cover academic subjects such as: ● Mathematics ● Writing and reading ● Science ● Geography ● Biology ● Art ● Music ● Physical education Nutrition We encourage children to fuel their bodies with fresh, healthy, and delicious foods each day. We provide a fruit-based morning tea during each session, along with afternoon tea. To further support healthy eating, we ask parents to bring a boxed lunch containing nutritious and balanced foods. As a nut-free centre, we also ask parents not to pack food containing nuts with their child’s lunch, including spreads such as Nutella and peanut butter. Grounds Our centre features a beautiful and extensive natural garden, featuring lush plant life and shady areas for the children to enjoy. There is space to run and jump, quiet places to sit and relax, plus various nooks and crannies inspiring creative and inquisitive play. Communication At any time, we invite parents to visit us at our centre with questions, advice, or feedback. Our Licensee, staff, and centre directors are happy to meet with families to answer queries or provide tours of our centre.

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Treetops Early Learning Centre - Stepney - Wattle House's
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Treetops Early Learning Centre - Stepney - Wattle House

Treetops Early Learning Centre, Wattle House is situated directly next to Treetops Stepney and provides centre-based care for children from 3 – 6 years old. Here the children are cared for by highly trained and qualified educators who are passionate about early years learning. The centre provides the next stage of learning after children move up from Treetops Banksia House. Services All of the dedicated staff at Treetops Wattle house hold early childhood qualifications including Certificate III, Diplomas or a Bachelor of Teaching degree and have extensive knowledge working in the childcare profession. The curriculum is devised around children’s interests and offers a wide variety of experiences. Based on the recommendations of the National Early Years Framework, lessons are provided in math, science, literacy, environment, health, art and creativity, physical and social development. The centre operates under the National Standards. Nutrition policy At Treetops Wattle House, all meals and drinks are provided. Mealtimes are a relaxing time where staff and children converse. Dietary needs are catered for – parents are informed if they are required to provide special food on occasion. The centre does not offer any nut based products and under the “Food Safety Program” will not share food that is supplied by parents. Grounds A large and friendly outdoor area gives encouragement for the children to play and explore in the natural environment which includes a shaded sandpit and safe climbing obstacles. The rooms also make use of natural themes and tones to provide a restful learning environment for all children. Pieces of the children’s art and creative works are displayed proudly. Communication Parents are always welcome to join in with sessions in line with Treetops ‘open door policy’ to learn how their child spends their day. Parents are also encouraged to come to the centre to share a special talent. Parents are able to talk to staff about their child during drop off and collection times, and can make appointments for more in-depth discussions. All feedback and comments from parents are appreciated. Parents are also welcome to contact the manager to express concerns.

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