Bracken Ridge Kindergarten

Exceeding • ACECQA Rating

Australian government agency rating.

25 Children Places

Maximum children licenced for the centre.

Bracken Ridge Kindergarten is a not-for-profit kindergarten located in Bracken Ridge, Queensland. It’s an approved program, run by qualified early childhood teachers and specifically designed for pre-prep children. Under the National Quality Standards, the centre has achieved a rating of Exceeding National Quality Standard. Services Bracken Ridge Kindergarten was established in 1976 and children attend the service five days per fortnight. Children need to be 4 years of age by 30 June to enrol. The Kindergarten operates based on the National Early Years Learning Framework, which assists children with their transition to school. The Framework ensures children are receiving quality learning and teaching and is very focused on play-based learning. We also recognise the importance of social and emotional development, as well as communications and language. We believe the learning through play provides children with the opportunity to discover, create and imagine. It allows them to express their own personalities, and helps them to create meaningful relationships. At Bracken Ridge Kindergarten, we recognise that every child is different, and accept all race, religion, gender, disability, class or culture. Our educators are all qualified in Early Childhood education and have a wealth of experience in caring for young children. We aim to have trusting and positive relationships with all children and their families. Nutrition Policy Bracken Ridge Kindergarten encourages healthy eating choices among children attending the centre. Grounds We have a shaded, grassy playground where children are able to enjoy the outdoors, playing, using their imagination, running, and learning. There are cool breezes in the summer and abundant bird life surrounding the centre. We also have a playroom that is large and airy. Communication The staff at Bracken Ridge Kindergarten document the journey of your children throughout the day. The practices of teaching staff and relationships they form with children have a major impact on their success in learning. We believe that by working together with families, children thrive. We encourage parents to become involved with the Kindergarten and welcome you at any time to discuss the curriculum and philosophy of learning. If you have any concerns or queries, don’t hesitate to discuss this with the teaching staff. We’ll work together with you to provide opportunities that nurture your child’s development.




Last updated 1 Dec 2012

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