The Hamilton and Alexandra College Early Learning Centre

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24 Children Places

Maximum children licenced for the centre.


English, Mandarin, Italian, Greek, 4 more

Our Learning Philosophy The Early Years program is inspired by the philosophy of Loris Malaguzzi and Reggio Emilia. As such, at the Early Years we consider each child as strong, capable and resilient; rich with wonder and knowledge. Every child brings with them a deep curiosity and an innate sense of awe and discovery, which drives their desire to understand their world and their place within it. At the Early Learning Centre we believe all children: are active and involved learners and need a stimulating and challenging environment in which to develop and learn; have the right to be safe and secure and to develop in an atmosphere of happiness and understanding; are valued, are free to take risks, and are active contributors to problem solving; can contribute to our society for a sustainable future; can form authentic and meaningful relationships with their educators and peers; have the capacity to develop the ability to persevere and persist in a learning environment which challenges and nurtures them; bring with them a wide range of cultures, beliefs, values and abilities and should be exposed to a wide range of experiences in order to develop their own understanding of diversity, equity and inclusion; have '100 languages' of self-expression, with which to communicate their knowledge and understanding of the world; and have the right to a learning environment which will strive to listen to and value all the languages that our children use to communicate their own thoughts, ideas and understandings.

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