Cambrian Preschool

Excellent • ACECQA Rating

Australian government agency rating.

60 Children Places

Maximum children licenced for the centre.


English, Mandarin, Italian, Greek, 4 more

At Cambrian Preschool we recognise early experiences lay the foundations for future learning. As a result, our experienced educators will focus on helping your child to reach their potential during their time at Cambrian Preschool. In our experience, a child's social development occurs through interaction with peers. To facilitate this development our educators will help your child to learn how to engage with others, to respect themselves and others and to understand the diverse world around them. Our learning programs are based on the national Early Years Learning Framework: Belonging, Being and Becoming. We believe belonging to a family, community, culture and place is the basis for living a fulfilling life. Being focuses on making time for your child to play, try new things and have fun. While becoming relates to the learning and development your child will experience. Our educators develop play-based learning experiences that focus on children's individual needs and interests. We will encourage your child to make choices and guide their own learning. We also recognise the important role that families play in a child’s learning journey and we encourage a shared partnership between you, your child and educators. We will document your child’s learning through an individual learning journal which includes photos, learning stories, conversations and your child's artwork. These documents are available for you to read and contribute to at all times. We always welcome input from parents and families and appreciate suggestions about any aspect of our preschool community.




Last updated 1 Oct 2018

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