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Located at 11 Gerbera Avenue in Norlane, Victoria, ILO Norlane Early Education Centre is a proud provider of high-quality early childhood education and care. We offer centre-based care solutions for children aged from six weeks to five years. Services At ILO Norlane Early Education Centre, we believe that joy is a fundamental element of learning. Our centre focuses on creating a fun, joyful learning environment for children and blends Finnish early childhood education concepts with elements of science and technology, foreign language learning, and mathematics. Our talented and enthusiastic educators work to support children’s creativity and curiosity, maintaining a holistic approach to early education. Our programs provide children with opportunities to explore new concepts and develop strong values and identities. Our centre delivers programs that teach children about STEM concepts, cultural understanding, and social-emotional skills. We advocate for play-based learning and are guided by both Victoria and Finish early childhood education frameworks. The team at ILO Norlane Early Education Centre are passionate about what they do and work tirelessly to provide outstanding early childhood education and care. Nutrition policy At ILO Norlane Early Education Centre, we believe in the importance of teaching children about good nutrition. We encourage children to learn about food and exercise and to practise making healthy eating choices that align with the requirements set by the Australian Dietary Guidelines. Grounds Our early learning centre is home to plenty of open space and lots of fun, engaging toys and resources to help children learn and grow. Communication Our educators know the value of involving families and communities in children’s learning. We encourage parents and families to ask questions and start discussion and pick-up and drop-off times. Our friendly and enthusiastic educators are always happy to share and discuss children’s learning with their families, and they are eager to learn more about interests and skills that can be built upon at our centre.

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