St Heliers Little School

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30 Children Places

Maximum children licenced for the centre.

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Nicky De Lacy

Team Leader

Hi, my name is Nicky De Lacy and I am the Team Leader at St Heliers Little School. I am originally from South Africa where my teaching journey began in 2013. I have since moved to Hong Kong where I have been teaching for the past 6 years before moving to NZ in July 2022 to work at Little School. Teaching in South Africa and Hong Kong has allowed me to work with a large variety of cultures and backgrounds and given me more of an understanding of the diversity of each student and their families. No matter the background or culture, children thrive when they are provided with a safe supportive environment and a teacher that encourages them and understands that each child is unique, and I strive to be that teacher every single day. I love being in nature and when I'm not at work you can find me either paddling, hiking or just exploring the outdoors. I believe a healthy body and a healthy mind go hand in hand and that children benefit from a teacher who is as enthusiastic and curious as they are during their early years.