Maori Hill Montessori Preschool

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Sarah McMillan


I have a background in the arts, having completed a degree in English and a Diploma in Fine Arts before training to become a teacher. I have been teaching since 1998. Seventeen of these years have been in Montessori, and I have been with Maori Hill Montessori for the last twelve years. I enjoy working collaboratively with my wonderful team of teachers. We work closely with our families and we know our thirty children very well. We are proud of our beautiful environment and enjoy coming to be here each day day. Our relationship with the children is summed up in Maria Montessori's own words: Kua whakaratohia ngā wairua o enei tamariki i tenei ra. Kua whakatutaki ta ratou whanaketanga kua noho ahau ki ta ratou taha i roto i enei wheako. I have served the spirits of these children today. They have fulfilled their development and I have kept them company in their experiences.


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