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Blossom Preschool is a centre-based early learning facility located in Sans Souci, New South Wales. The centre offers long daycare services for a maximum of 44 children at one time. We aspire to be the most successful owner-operated care and education service Australia-wide. Our dedicated team of professional educators provides guidance, understanding, and advice, ensuring every child receives the highest education and care standards. Services At Blossom Preschool, we aim to provide children with a positive head-start in life. By inspiring the development of problem-solving skills, confidence, high self-esteem, negotiation strategies, and more, we will provide children with the tools to tackle 'Big School' and life's challenges in general. We have created a diverse, accepting, and secure environment where all children will feel safe to express their individuality and explore the world around them. Based on the Early Years Learning Framework, we have devised a modern, challenging curriculum that includes: ● Community engagement activities ● Excursions and incursions ● Extracurricular programs ● Language programs ● Literacy programs ● Numeracy programs ● Social experiences ● Much more! We lay the foundations for successful learning through storytelling, dramatic arts, numbers and measurement, healthy movement, drama and dance, investigation and enquiry, and much more. Nutrition At Blossom Preschool, we recognise teaching children to make healthy food choices leads to positive wellbeing and improved physical and mental development. Our in-house cook prepares healthy, delicious, and balanced meals for the children to enjoy each day. Our four-week rotating menu includes fresh ingredients and seasonal produce used to create varied, nutritionally-developed meals. We are a nut-free centre and comply fully with all food safety regulations. Grounds Our beautifully presented and easily accessible outdoor environments encourage children to spend ample time exploring the outside world. Our bright, custom-made spaces and structured offer children the opportunity to relax, play, or keep active. We have incorporated high-quality, sustainable materials in our outdoor environments, evoking each child's senses and encouraging their innate desire to be, explore, and play in nature. Communication We regularly communicate with families about their child's progress, including day-to-day experiences. Parents and caregivers can keep in touch by visiting us in person or by accessing our convenient, specialised app.

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What is your Name? Kayla (Kay) How long have you been working in Childcare? I have been working in the Early Education Sector for 6 years in all roles. I have been a Centre Manager for two years and Educational Leader for five years which focuses on curriculum and quality learning for all children. What is your favourite part of working in Childcare? I truly find working with children and families to be a huge privilege and I believe wholeheartedly that the experiences had during our early years are the foundation of our futures/future selves. During the first five years of a child’s life, the brain develops more rapidly than in any other period of time in our lives. Taking this into consideration my favourite parts of working in Childcare are encouraging early positive self-worth, independence, confidence, healthy social and emotional wellbeing, a great sense of belonging and optimism to help guide the little people in our world to become the absolute best versions of themselves and to always feel safe and secure in sharing their uniqueness proudly. I like to shine a light on what it means to nourish a child’s EQ as well as their IQ and I also love building relationships with every family member along the way and establishing strong collaborative partnerships to achieve this. What qualifications do you hold? I currently hold my Certificate 3 in Early Childhood and a Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care. Over the years I have attended many best practice workshops held by amazing industry professionals and love to share this knowledge with all Educators and families. What are you most passionate about? I am very passionate about promoting positive mental health and helping children invoke their own personal building blocks that they are then able to utilise to further develop a healthy mindset. Early intervention strategies and guiding children through understanding their personal emotions and the emotions of others are fundamentals for building strong character and relationships, learning empathy and compassion and finding happiness within which are skills that I believe should be taught at a young age to help children navigate the world confidently in a self-reliant manner. I am passionate about creating more emphasis on children’s individual needs and having a holistic, engaging and welcoming approach that is inclusive of each child. What inspired you to become and Educator? My personal experience being taught as a child has left a lasting impression on me, my family remarkably kept in contact with my Early Childhood Teacher from twenty one years ago and my closest friends are still the people I went to ''Before and After School Care'' with when I was five years old. I mainly wanted to give back to the community and give others that same belief and dedication that my role models gifted to me when I was young. What values are most important to you in your team members? I believe that every team member has their own unique super power, knowledge from personal experience to share and unique approaches that are highly valuable. The true magic is the teamwork that combines these strengths that each Educator has and the leadership of a Centre Manager to continue to build on these each day to create the best Early Education environment for the children.. What message would you like to tell parents considering your Centre? Blossom PreSchool has a warm, homely feeling where you are always welcome. There are infinite opportunities for your little ones to explore. The Educators are kind, friendly and passionate about each child’s learning and development and are forward thinkers in their approach to education and putting the children’s needs first. We look forward to providing quality care, a nurturing environment and a holistic approach that caters to the individual needs of each child and family.



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