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Jescott Montessori Pre-school enjoys a long-standing reputation for high-quality education and care. This is achieved through the passion and dedication of our skilled educators under the inspiring guidance of our owner, Barbara Langford. Barbara became a Montessori teacher after observing the many ways that a Montessori environment had benefited her own son. Barbara began the pre-school in 1989 and since that time Jescott has enjoyed consistent success by providing a high standard of teaching and care. When Barbara Langford began Jescott Montessori Pre-school in 1989, her daughter Jessica was one of the first students. Jessica is now a Montessori teacher and is the Director of Jescott Montessori Preschool. Mother and daughter take great pride in working together as colleagues. The Montessori Pre-school curriculum is a three-year program that prepares a child with all the necessary skills to confidently enter Primary School at age five or six. It is a requirement that pre-school children must attend a minimum of two full days a week*. We recommend consecutive days for optimum continuity. During the three-year Pre-school Program children experience enhanced learning through the vast array of specialised Montessori materials which are presented at various levels of difficulty to build upon each child’s existing level of knowledge and achievement. Jescott pre-school provides excellent academic and social preparation that will assist children throughout their life. Children become self-motivated and confident students. Attendance at a government Kindergarten or other Early Learning Centre (ELC) is not required as children receive a holistic and comprehensive foundation from Jescott. In our experience children flourish more effectively when provided with the consistency of attending Jescott without the distraction of an alternative environment. Priority of placement will be given to children who intend to complete their full three-year learning program at Jescott before graduating to Primary School.

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