Cranbourne Christian Fellowship Centre Inc T/AS TurningPoint Family Church

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TURNING POINT EARLY LEARNING CENTRE IS CHRISTIAN BASE CENTRE PHILOSOPHY • Proverbs 22:6 “Train and encourage children how they live and they will remember it all their lives.” • We believe that the Christian Community and Early Learning Centre is an extension of the family unit. • Founded on the same Godly principles, assisting families and the community in guiding, encouraging and preparing a good foundation for the early development of the children’s learning. • Supporting and encouraging them to have a respectful relationship with God, our Heavenly Father and people around them. This is by modeling to the children how to say Grace to thank God for the food before sharing and socializing during meal time. • Making them feel they belong by praying with them and upholding their family in prayer. • Teaching them the true biblical meaning of Christmas and Easter celebrations, develop and enhance their learning by reading and listening to bible stories and worship music. • Encourage them by guiding and educating on how to manage, handle and deal with everyday life situations confidently, physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and spiritually through education programs and demonstration during practice. (QA1) • We provide a warm welcome, safe and caring early learning environment within certain limits for the benefit of all children, families and the community. • We will actively listen, advocate for empower and safeguard all children. We are committed to protecting children and their families from any abuse and promote their health and wellbeing, emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually, inclusion of all cultural background and ethnicity in particular the participation of aboriginal and Torres Starlight Islander children and children with disability. (QA2) • Facilitate and supporting a balance between children initiated and adult to learn, explore, discover, experience and to familiarize using range of equipment indoor and outdoor to build connection to the unnatural and the natural environment. (QA3) • All staff members are fully committed to enrich the children early learning by completing training obtaining qualification within the Early Childhood sector. Providing further professional development and training to increase and upskill the staff knowledge in accordance with any changes with the professionalism of the sector.( QA4) • Promoting interaction with children by building close relationships with them through observing, listening, modeling and assisting them to reach and release the full God – given potential within them. (QA5) • We believe that all children are created uniquely and are entitled to their own learning style and individual needs. Working collaboratively with families to support, assist, guide and educate the children to meet their individual needs in the best care we can provide. (QA6) • We are eager to retain and uphold an education and care environment that is fully monitored and offers full supervision to the children by assigning the appropriate staff members in different areas of the Centre. (QA7)

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