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At Little Beginnings Learning Centres, we believe that ‘play experiences’ in early childhood build the framework for all future achievement. The early childhood years are the most intense learning phase of a child’s life. At Little Beginnings Learning Centres we strive to maximise the opportunities we give our children in these crucial years to ensure positive lifelong outcomes. Our team is committed to providing your child with an educational and caring environment that allows them to explore their individual capabilities in numerous open ended play opportunities. We also know that your child needs a supportive environment that responds to their need for praise. We employ educators who are trained and experienced in early childhood development to understand the need for positive praise for effort, not outcome, is crucial to laying the foundations for future learning. To really understand where your child ‘belongs’ in their world we need to partner with you and truly tap into your knowledge as the child’s first educator. To do this we need to build trusting relationships with your family. We provide our educators ongoing professional development to provide you with the best team and to ensure that we retain our educators, so that the relationships they build with your child are long lasting. Little Beginnings Learning Centres promote the value of childhood at a time when children as capable learners and co-constructors continue their life journey. This is inclusive of respecting and embracing diversity and encouraging open collaboration and belonging for all participants. At Little Beginnings Learning Centres, we believe that early childhood is a unique stage of life. We are committed to the care and individual interests of each child. We believe that we enable this by providing a safe, fun and friendly environment where children can foster and maintain friendships with each other and staff. Early childhood is a time for children to discover who they are and how they fit into the world. Essential to this is the freedom to explore, to be a child and to be protected. Little Beginnings Learning Centres aim to provide children with opportunities to thrive and wholly participate in learning through guidance, relationships and resources, maximising every child’s potential. This will be achieved through an inclusive and respectful framework and open learning environments. Little Beginnings Learning Centres aim for excellence in delivering early childhood education and the framework for this ongoing improvement is outlined in the Centre’s Quality Improvement Plan.

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Megan Duff

Director and Nominated Supervisor

Within my personal and professional philosophy I believe children to be active and competent learners in all aspects of the early years. I feel that children should always be given the opportunity to have a voice and to be active within their decision making. As an educator I believe that I have a role to learn with and alongside children, to nurture children and also to challenge children to work within and beyond their zone of proximal development.




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