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Educate Little Learners is a centre-based childcare provider located in Adelaide's southwestern inner-city suburb of Plympton. A family-owned provider, Educate Little Learners offers early childhood education and care in a welcoming, inclusive, and exciting environment for all children and their families. Our Ethos We recognise the critical importance of early childhood learning. The youngest years of your child’s life are where the foundation of their capabilities and confidence in their learning is built. Providing education that is enjoyable and uplifting should be done with a great sense of devotion, and precision approach to ensure the greater opportunities are given to a child to learn and grow. Our Staff All of our staff hold a personal passion for early childhood education that is interwoven with industry-leading professional capabilities. We understand in order to provide the very best of education to your child, our staff must have the experience and tools they need to provide it. That’s why at a minimum, each of our staff members hold a Certificate III in Children’s Services. In turn, each room also has a Team Leader with a minimum qualification of a Diploma in Children’s Services, or a Bachelors or Masters of Education (Early Childhood). Our Education With pupils ranging from 6 months to 6 years of age, our centre understands every child’s development is different. That’s why we place a premium on quality communication with all families, as their child journeys through their earliest years of education and development. This is done so as to provide a day-by-day experience that is reflective of a child’s current abilities, and future potential. We also recognise the value of instilling a Christian identity and ethos in the daily life and activities of our community. That’s why we seek to build strong working partnerships with all families, so our pupils can grow their sense of confidence and capabilities in a spirit that’s responsive to the Christian ethos and its traditions. Our Facilities We’re delighted to offer a dynamic and diverse space for our pupils to enjoy. Our facilities feature a playground, garden, sandpit, natural play arena, and outdoor art among other amenities. Contact Us For all enquiries please message us via Facebook.

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